Monday, 10 December 2012


A motley crew of performers, scientists and scifi geeks joined forces in Adelaide Fringe 2013 to test a world premiere improvisational theatre format. 

Performers improvised with science/technology/scifi suggestions from the audience. Our resident scientists gave green cards if stories were within the realms of possibility, or red cards if far beyond it. Scientific plausibility was tempered by comedic potential. 

The pilot involved one show and one workshop. The workshop involved 15 people, ideal for impro, and the show sold out - people were squeezing cushions in corners.

Our science panellists for Adelaide Fringe 2013, selected for a potent combination of knowledge and comic potential, were David Beattie, Craig CormickAlan Duffy and Delphine Fleury.

Eden Trebilco was workshop leader and one of the performers. Cobi Smith was creator, producer and a fellow performer. The other performers were Sean ElliottLisa Bailey and the digitally elusive Noah Tavor.

Science impro is an open idea that emerged as a tangent from Cobi's PhD research. She publicly introduced the idea in London in May 2012. Impro ACT hosted an experimental workshop in January 2013 that went swimmingly, with invaluable discussion and feedback from participants that informed the first show. 

The pilot show happened, as we've established, in February 2013 in the Adelaide Fringe and now... well. Try it if you like. It's an open idea, and it's fun! People said they learnt things, some said it even changed their feelings.

The Fringe 2013 experiment was supported by: